000 | Worldskills | Client Info
Worldskills Russia:
Online Examination System
Worldskills Russia is an official operator of international non-profit organization WorldSkills International whose mission is “to raise standards of personnel training”
We were given a task of making major changes to the current system:
Added collection of statistical data (comparison of regions, fields collection of results in real-time)
Adapted the platform to mobile devices;
Re-designed the platform;
Stabilized and debugged the platform;
Refactored the platform to speed up development and improve performance
Skills-passport update:
Developed & executed a brand new design
Added statistical metrics that better characterize young professionals’ skills based on several criteria: country, region, profession, field, etc.
Adapted passport to mobile devices
“Worldskills Russia” holds examinations for specialized professionals. Such examination is the only independent evaluation of practical skills and experiences of professionals in Russia. Exams are held on a special platform, which already existed when we joined the project. However, the client had concerns regarding the platform's technical proficiency and ability for scaling up and improvement.
001 | Worldskills | Task
To restructure, refine and develop the already existed platform for student examinations, and identify ways to improve performance and broaden their possibilities.
To establish an examination process that meets high international standards and the mission of the organization, several tasks had to be accomplished:
Refine Personal Accounts;
Fundamentally restructure students’ Skills-passports - online documents, confirming specialists skills and qualifications (after the examination);
Refactor the platform in order to improve operating speed;
Increase platforms performance
Develop software for statistics gathering and delivery on a regional basis
002 | Worldskills | Results
Students received a more comprehensive Skills-passport with detailed information on their skills and qualifications. This has facilitated their career building and proven their skills and expertise with the employers.
Employers received detailed and organized information about the skill level of the young professionals, which simplified the hiring process and employees’ career development.
System productivity and its operating speed increased by more than ten times.
Short execution period - 3 months


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